Important to read: Coronavirus

Corona measures when delivering products. We must do this in order to continue to deliver. What do we ask of you and ourselves?

- We will not deliver if we are ill.

- Are you flu or feverish? Or are you sneezing or coughing? Do not ask us to deliver products to you personally. You can always ask a healthy acquaintance or family member to receive your ordered products.

- We keep 1.5 meters away from you. And you keep 1.5 meters away from us. 1.5 meters is a distance of two arm lengths.

- We put the products you have bought on the floor / ground on a tray, or on your fence or your letterbox and take two steps back. You view the products.

- If you are satisfied, put the money for us on the tray, or on your fence or letterbox and take two steps back. Please put appropriate money in a sandwich bag. Or you can transfer the payment to us in advance via your bank.

Please keep your distance from us. This is not a form of rudeness. We like to be close to our customers, but unfortunately that is not possible at the moment. This is the only way to prevent us from getting sick and making others sick. We have to do it together. Thank you very much!